Hi! Here is Spoience(Maybe its pronunciation is /spɔiɜ:ns/ ),I am currently a student of Computer Science and Technology.

Spoience is still working hard to integrate into the human world, possessing a way of thinking that the people on earth do not possess.

Even if Spoience feels down, he will keep his spirits, so let’s give TA some snacks at this time.

Spoience has undergone stringent quality control and is a rare treasure on the market.

Blog Journey


I just started contacting the WordPress program and using an Alibaba Cloud student computer. Due to its large and bloated functions, it runs slowly on my small server.


Fall in love with Markdown, a lightweight markup language, which is very suitable for writing. I started using the Typecho blog program. The first theme is the Splity theme of Light bulb design


Change the Typecho theme to the Void theme of AlanDecode, Panda Xiao A is a person who is very good at thinking. His subject is the same as his writing, steady, rational and serious, even though I no longer use Typecho I still think that theme is great! Thanks AlanDecode~


Purchase and use Typecho Cuten theme


Registered domain name, used till now


Blog migration from Typecho to Hexo static blog framework,use Butterfly theme,hosted using Github and Vercel


Change Hexo Butterfly theme to NexT theme


Back to Hexo Butterfly theme.

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